5 Guilt Free DIY Holiday Drinks

With all the roast, tamales, greens, black-eyed peas, rum cakes, pies and ham the holidays show no mercy on your workout plan and mid section.

Here are 5 festive drinks that wont have you feeling so bad, matter of fact, they’ll have you feeling good…

Drinks under 200 Calories or less!

[WINE] Lets start with the simple drink, Red Wine! Good for your heart and when you add your favorite fruit to it, it becomes a party, Sangria with no sugar added! Merlot or Cabernet with your choice of oranges, grapes, berries, have a blast.

sangria 2

[RUM] Instead of a Hot Buttered Rum go for a Hot Rum Cider. Anything with “butter” is probably not the drink for this list but tweaking the ingredients makes it a little more fun. Organic Apple Cider warmed (4oz) Spiced rum of your choice (2oz) slices of apples (1-2 slivers). Dash of Cinnamon.


[VODKA] Sweet and oaky Pomegranate Rosemary Martini (rosemary is optional). The fruit juices give enough sweet and bitter taste to the cocktail. Use Vodka which is as low-calorie as we can get. Shake Vodka of your choice (2.5 oz) with muddled Pomegranate fruit (1/4 of fruit) shake until icy (12 vigorous shakes) pour into martini glass and top off with fresh Rosemary for extra holiday decoration and cheer!


[GIN] A new twist on a French 75 (Gin and Champagne). I’d recommend using Hendricks gin. Muddle blood orange (2-3 slices) with Gin (1.5oz). Strain into champagne flute and fill up with champagne, garnish with orange slice!


[WHISKY] This recipe is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. I’d like to call it “Christmas” because once it touches your lips you know what time it is, yes were still talking about alcohol lol here’s the recipe, it’s very similar to a White Russian but better: Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey (2oz) Bailey’s Irish Cream (1.5oz) served on the rocks, don’t shake.. sip slow, it’s a creeper!


Enjoy your options, show off to your friends and drink responsibly, as good as they are they’re not worth a $5,000 DUI! Happy Holidays!

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