”Kiss My [wine] Glass” Feat. Lucy Aguilera

Who would have thought that wine and lipstick have so much in common?! Maybe it’s because I’m a foodie and a wine-o so any excuse is a GREAT one! Nothing completes an everyday glam look than with a pop of color like a sexy red similar a bold Merlot; or a saturated nude, much like a creamy Chardonnay. This post is perfect because like wine, lipsticks come in so many varietal types from lustrous to matte types, and like wine, it’s spicy and oaky – to light and fruity flavors can compliment. It was only fitting to talk about it all with my glam girl and style aficionado Lucy Aguilera over a few glasses of wine. So let’s take a look at some of our 3 favorites from both sides of the glass! Get your lips ready for some fun!

Lucy’s Picks:

  1. Pink Decoy – by Buxom Cosmetics found at Sephora.

What it does:

Swipe lips with this vividly graphic, ultra-bold lipstick. It delivers intensely pigmented, one-stroke color in an ultra-lightweight gel formula. Featuring moisturizing matte and satin finishes, it leaves lips with a modern, daring look. 

Wine paired: Merlot – dry, oaky, spicy, yet fruity bold flavor.

2. Ruby Woo – by Mac. Found at MAC.

Very matte vivid blue-red, retro matte, often known as Rihanna’s go-to color. 

What it does: It’s a brightened, medium-dark red with strong, cool blue undertones and a matte finish. The texture is extremely dry and stiff, which makes it harder to apply as it really pulls at the lips. It was intensely pigmented, but it really takes a lot of effort to get it on. Once on, it lasts for hours and hours and leaves a stain behind, though it is quite drying for me. This shade has been part of the permanent range for years.

Wine paired: Riesling, dry white yet hint of sweet, white wine.

3. Kinda Sexy by Mac found at MAC.

Neutral pinky-rose, matte.

 What it does: It’s a softened, medium rosy beige with warm undertones and a satin finish. It had fairly opaque color payoff, and the texture was really creamy, so it was easy to apply, though it didn’t go on as evenly. On me, this shade stayed on for four and a half hours and was neither drying nor hydrating.

Wine paired: Liefman’s berry brut beer (champagne): Fruity, light, airy with bubbles and intense sweetness.

Sheridan’s Picks:

  1. Neon Orange by MAC.

What it does: Bold, vivid, thick orange, as if a shade before red. Super bright and dense. Does stain the lips so you have to commit to this color for a good chunk of your day, but this statement color is great to live by.

Wine paired: Cabernet Sauvignon – dry red wine.

2. Myth by MAC.

What it does: A rich and creamy neutral nude. Under layer is a rosy peach color with a satin sheen finish. I noticed that it doesn’t last long so reapplication is needed often or you lips will eventually just look ashy.

Wine pairing: Pinot Grigio – a fruity sweet wine that still has subtle bitterness unlike Moscato.

3. Stone by MAC.

What it does: A soft brownish-purple, neutral, creamy, matte color. Probably one of my favorites to wear all day long as it transpires from day to night effortlessly.

Wine pairing: Liefman’s berry brut beer (champagne): Fruity, light, airy with bubbles and intense sweetness.

Thank you for hanging out with us and and reading up on how we feel about great tasting wine and the lipstick that kisses the glass!

Every woman has her essentials. For some it’s jewelry and perfume. Others it’s a sexy pair of heels and a mani pedi. It’s the little things that compliment you the most, that help your confidence shine bright. For me, lipstick is always my go to. I can wear neutral makeup and go from day to night with the switch of a lipstick shade. I can pick any color to match my mood, and trust me, I have a lot of lipsticks lol.  Let us know your lipstick and wine picks in the comments below!

Until next time! 


XOXO & Vino, 

Sheridan and Lucy


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