Sundae for Monday Blues

Creativity and flavor lie in the mouth of the beholder. Who put boundaries on dessert anyway?! It was a Monday night and I needed a drink, hug, ice cream, Dr. Phil and let’s just throw in Oprah to make it complete!


Well since a bottle of whiskey shouldn’t go to waste, I killed my corner the only way a chef would know how to. Sauté bananas, duh, ha!

Here’s my take on a banana split. Yes, that is bacon.


  • Banana’s

  • 1/2 cup of Jamison (Irish whiskey)

  • 2 strips of bacon (or however many you want)

  • dairy free coconut ice cream (or vanilla, or whatev, do you)!



  1. Cut and sauté your banana slices in a pan with Jamison.

  2. fry your bacon strips crispy, then chop up.

  3. Drizzle chocolate on a plate.

  4. Scoop ice cream and garnish with your toppings. Yum!

Cheaper than a psychologist and way more delicious! Enjoy!

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Bilingual foodie who finds life in creating dishes from all over the world. Food doesn't have to be expensive to be delicious!

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