Girl, You got this! [Feat. FarmBox + @ByLisaLinh]

When I created my blog, I had so many reasons behind it. Outside of the fact that I love food so much, I know other people do too, but not everyone knows how to cook. Some doubt themselves, some don’t have time to cook, or feel they lack the imagination to think of or create recipes. While others just don’t have energy. The list can go on, but whatever the case may be, you always should give yourself a chance to try (message).

Today there are so many services to help with the excuses that people come up with. Don’t have time to shop? FarmBox. Don’t have any recipes in mind? Street+Spice, Pinterest, or the thousands of cookbooks that exist out there.  So give yourself a chance to be great, because I know you can be, trust!

This scenario became a reality when my friend and current creative partner, Lisa Linh of By Lisa Linh lifestyle blog, came to me needing some recipe inspo. She was given a FarmBox and needed some pairing insight. Claiming she had no skills in the kitchen, I created a quick and simple recipe that was both delicious and nutritious. Her ingredients were:

  • yellowtail (tuna)

  • carrots

  • green beans

  • nectarines

  • salad

  • ginger pear jam

  • fresh parsley

Check out her post and her take on the recipe! Feel free to try it out and see how much of a kitchen queen you are too! Didn’t she do amazing! Makes me so proud, See girl, YOU GOT THIS!