Cajun Bacon Deviled Eggs

Spring time comes around, the flowers begin to bloom, allergies kick in and Easter and Mother’s Day seem like they’re a week apart! Although we’re in a weird time we must remember to stay inside so that this can come and GO! I know it’s hard, we can’t celebrate and gather like we’re used to but it doesn’t mean that we can’t keep the same delicious traditions to comfort us and give us all the feels. For Easter I decided to put a spin on a classic appetizer dish: The Deviled Egg. Ready to kick it up a little bit? Let’s dive right in, shall we?


  • 10 whole eggs (for mix the yolk of 10 eggs)
  • 2-3 pickle spears
  • 1 large celery stalk
  • 3 strips of green onion
  • 1 tablespoon mayo and 1.5 tablespoon mustard
  • SPICES: old bay, garlic powder, ground cayenne pepper, Cajun spice.


  1. In a pot (large enough to boil ten eggs) fill it with water to boil. Once water is boiled slowly drop your eggs into the water. I used a ladle to drop each egg in carefully so they wouldn’t break. Let them boil for 20 min.
  2. While eggs are boiling use this time to chop your celery and pickles as FINE as possible. Mix in your mustard and mayo and for the spices I’d do a teaspoon of each. Just be careful with the cayenne, meaning if you don’t like spicy 🥵 maybe do a little less! 😉
  3. Remove the eggs from the stove and dump the water. Rinse the eggs in cold water until they’re chilled. It makes them easier to crack and makes them not stick to the shells.
  4. Rise you peeled eggs in cold water to remove any debris and begin to cut then in halves removing all yolk in the mixing bowl with ingredients.
  5. Rinse your egg whites very gently and set them “bowl side” down to dry.
  6. HACK: If you egg mix becomes to runny a trick to add to it is instant mash potatoes to thicken it up. Probably the only use I’d have for them but no judgement! Just not a fan of them but it this case they come to the rescue if needed!
  7. Mix your filling and add seasoning to taste. When your mix is ready to go fill it in a piping bag OR a sandwich ziplock. Cutting a corner and using it to squeeze into your egg cups.
  8. Set your filled eggs in the fridge to cool and now you can fry up some bacon. Once it’s done use a napkin to remove excess oil and chop up your bacon to bits.
  9. Sprinkle your bits over the eggs and add some extra old bay and/ or cayenne to the top. Kick it up a little bit and dash some hot sauce if you like it spicy! 😉
  10. Eat them, share them, enjoy them! Thank me later.

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