Being independent in today’s society is harder than most people think. With work, personal daily stresses or the simple fact that middle class isn’t cutting it anymore, the last thing anyone needs to worry about is what’s for dinner. Eating the right things should make you feel energized, full, and put a smile on your face. This site is meant to do exactly that, but on a budget! Delicious and nutritious food doesn’t have to be expensive, and this site is here to show you how.

Created by Sheridan Street on January 1, 2015, she aims to share something with the world that she has a passion and a gift for. Creating simple recipes on a dime and making them healthy, wholesome and sometimes too good to eat! Coming from a Costa Rican and African American background, Sheridan growing up always watched her grandma in the kitchen. She learned how to cook large quantities and hardly ever use a measuring cup. In that she learned how to eye and proportion ingredients and spices. Sheridan also paid close attention to her father who worked as a cook for many years in restaurants. She adopted his quick paced momentum and artistic eye for plating and delivery. Not attending culinary school, Sheridan finds herself feeling like a pro.

It’s what’s inside that counts and understanding that food is a science and is fun and necessary to live I wouldn’t choose another passion in life. Dinner doesn’t have to be expensive to be impressive.

Enjoy the recipes and enjoy life.

For questions or feedback please submit your message below and I will get back to you shortly.

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