“Drink 2 That” (everyone has a reason)

When you and your friends all have different careers and passions but the few things you have in common are growing pains and drinking, a dope web-series is born: “Drink to That”.

Some may call this alcoholism, we call it, group therapy. This is a new, fun and honest series. Lifestyle Blogger, long time amazing friend, my muse and Host, Lisa Linh, and myself, teamed up with Menswear Fashion Blogger, Francis Kenneth, on Episode 1 to make our real life scenarios into something to drink to! Whether it’s dealing with a break up, finishing college, or your worst embarrassing moment to tell, see what drinks fit these common (or uncommon) situations. Shaken by me!

Note: This episode was unrehearsed and unscripted, just a few kids, winging it in DTLA, pouring our hearts into our glasses. Expect better by Episode 2. Honesty is the best policy, with or without tequila.


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Queen Morning Glory

As we come to the end of the week and the end of spring, the sun sets. The sky is beautiful and exotic. Spring flings turn into summer love or summer singles. Either way it goes, ladies, don’t let it slow you down from being the Queen you are!

To compliment this drink as the last of three signature cocktails from Melissa, of LiveClothesMinded, and my collaboration. We introduce to you: “Queen Morning Glory”.

In an ice filled shaker fill:

  • 2oz vanilla vodka
  • 1oz Blue Curaçao
  • 1.5oz Lemonade
  • Shake and pour into a bucket glass and garnish with fresh blueberries

For Melissa’s fun and flirty look to compliment this delicious drink, check out LiveClothesMinded.com!

Until the next collab! Thanks for rocking with us. It’s been a pleasure. Cheers to a beautiful summer!

The Re-In-Carnation

The second of three drinks manifests from Melissa’s neutral, creme and floral printed, daring, two piece. I love how versatile it is! Whether it’s both pieces together or one statement piece transitioning from day to night, it was one of my favorite looks and inspired me to make the drink exactly that. Multi-faceted.


The Re-in-carnation is a mint julep inspired cocktail, that you can sip on under the spring sun or serve up for friends during a night cap. Light sweet notes of peaches and the rich oaky flavor of Jamison, with the cooling refresher of ginger beer and mint, this drink represents the perfect balance for any situation. Here’s how its made.

The Re-in-Carnation

  • In an empty shaker, place 4-6 mint leaves 1/2oz triple sec and 3 peach slices and muddle for flavor. 

  • Add 2 oz of Jamison. 

  • Pour into an ice filled Collins or Pub glass, stir with a spoon or straw and top off with ginger beer (served as a mint julep).

To check out more of Melissa’s chic 70’s style in this go-to spring/ summer outfit, head over to LiveClothesMinded to see more! Plus don’t you live this lipstick?!

Kiwi Sake Sangria

Nothing beats a heatwave life fresh fruit and sake. It’s light, refreshing and naturally sweet. Plus you can make it as strong as you want by adding vodka. Here’s how this affordable quick drink is made. Enjoy!

2 wheels of lemon

2 wheels of kiwi (skin off)

2-3 mint sprigs

1oz vodka

.5oz agave syrup

Shake & place in a glass

Fill to the top with sake

Garnish with kiwi, lemon or mint!

Told you!