“Follow your passion with no regrets!” Featuring Artist, Cody Huff.

A meaningless life is a wasted one. People are subject to money and fame, but what about purpose? I rather die knowing I left a lasting impression on a life, than to be known for nothing or a tabloid headline. I knew I was thinking right when an old schoolmate from San Diego, Lewis middle school to be exact, contacted me. From there, the girl power grew, and a common understanding amongst two different worlds collided on one account: following our passions with no regrets.  

Cody Huff is an artist. She inspires me because she doesn’t double think, she just goes! Something we all fall short on. Taking a leap of faith can be scary, but usually in faith, is so rewarding! Here is what the art muse herself had to say in a dialogue with me:

I knew to make 2017 exciting and meaningful I wanted to collaborate with people who were following their passion. I’ve been checking out your boldness on social media and decided to reach out. Also, I wanted to test out a new subject matter, so it was an easy decision to reach out. I’ve been vibe-ing on the phrase ‘no question, no problem’. Which to me means, when you want to do something, don’t over think it and/or talk yourself out of it. Go for it immediately and be comfortable with whatever the outcome is. Don’t let your perfectionist side rule your life by fear of failure. Also, it seems when you go for it with enthusiasm the Universe has your back. -Cody Huff

This is the beautiful artwork she created using the essentials of 2017 and the trendy veggies and tasty eats of today. Check them out below.


We all could use this courage from time to time, so sharing this with my street team is something I’m committed to do. I hope this reaches you and pushes you to go after what you love, and never hesitate to follow your passion. Follow Cody for more amazing artwork and inspiring adventures in life: @codychuff. Have  an amazing day, go do something great!